Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Janet's Top 10 Tools for Learning 2011

Here is my selection of the Top 10 Tools for Learning I am submitting for Jane Hart's 2011 edition of Top 100 Tools for Learning. I have chosen the following tools and sites because I like using them for either teaching, or my professional development.

In no uncertain order, here are my choices for 2011:

  1. Twitter - I wouldn't be able to keep up with current trends and technology without it
  2. Posterous - a new blogging platform for me
  3. Slideshare - useful for keeping my presentations in one place
  4. Jing - a great tool for screen captures and making videos
  5. Powerpoint - I enjoy creating presentations with this easy to use tool
  6. Storybird - a beautiful storytelling creation site
  7. Scoop.it - an easy to use web curation site
  8. Diigo - great to keep all my bookmarks in one place
  9. Animoto - fabulous slideshows can be easily created
  10. Moodle - a versatile virtual learning platform
If you would like to vote for your Top 10 Tools of 2011, you can add yours here:


Voting closes on Sunday 13th November, so make sure you submit your entries before then!

Update November 14th 2011!
The list has been finalised and you can view the full list on Jane Hart's site here.

I have embedded the latest slideshow below. Three of my tools made it to the Top 10!