Sunday, 14 February 2016

EVO Ebook 2016 Feedback

Five weeks have flown past and today is the last day of the Electronic Village Online sessions.  I have been co-moderating the eTextbooks session and enjoying the experience enormously.  Under Shelly Terrell's expert leadership and guidance, and also our mentor Dr Nellie Deutsch, the expert team of moderators have helped many participants to realise their dream of creating an etextbook for their classes.

Below an Animoto feedback I have created summing up a few points.

Janet's eBook EVO Feedback

The Padlet here reflects some of the excellent feedback the session is generating.

Here is a Voki I created in response to a request from one of the participants (Halina) to say hello to the Uzbek faculty:


Finally a big thank you using a comic:

This 2016 session has been a wonderful experience!  A huge thank you to everyone involved!!