Friday, 13 November 2015

Electronic Village Online 2016

I am currently doing the EVO Moderator training for 4 weeks and am enjoying the experience very much!  Even though 2016 will be my third year of moderating on the eTextbooks for Teachers session, all moderators are required to follow the training again, which is a very good thing.  We find out about the sessions that are being proposed for 2016.  The outcome will be published in early December.  We all help each other with feedback comments and get to know our fellow moderators, mentors and Organization Team a bit more.

Part of the training involves reading lots of interesting elearning and emoderating articles and then discussing them in a special and private EVO Moderators' Google+ community.  I get notifcations on a daily basis of everyone that posts, so I can keep updated really easily.  Inbetween picking our olives last week, attending the training has been very nice and relaxing.  Each Sunday there is a Google Hangout on Air /  Blackboard Collaborate live meeting with the Lead Moderators and the weekly tasks are discussed.

You can view my wiki page on The EVOlution of Jan, which also gives information about previous years'  EVO sessions.

The 2016 sessions will run from 10th January - 14th February 2016.  Teachers from around the globe are invited to participate for free.  All the dedicated moderators run the sessions on a voluntary basis, and this is what makes EVO so special and different from most online courses!!

The proposals are all very exciting, and once they are up in the main wiki, I will post the link up in this blog post.