Monday, 19 May 2014

The Future Beckons for Wearable Technology

This post has been a long time coming....  I kind of lost track of time the past few months, and for some reason, I did not have much inspiration, pure and simple.  My days of being on a constant roll, of blog title headings popping up all over the place, seemed to be a thing of the past.....  until just now, I caught sight of this post via my daily scoopit feed, and it immediately grabbed my attention.  I knew I wanted to embed this infographic on my blog, something new and exciting and futursitic!   Thanks to Learning Bytes from The Consultants-E Scoop it, I was hooked into reading the infographic below from Elearning Infographics blog. In particular one innovation regarding wearable technology struck me more than anything, the word GoPro.

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 K has been using his GoPro camera for a few months now.  It is mounted on his motorbike and it videos some of his trips.  He uses it to get feedback on how the motorbike handles over different terrains...It is an extremely useful piece of kit!

Some videos I have seen of what can be done with a GoPro are simply sensational, in particular this Around the World in 360 Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie video by Alex Chacon.  He filmed for 600 days around the world with a GoPro on a stick.  The possibilities for using this piece of wearable technology are endless!