Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Twitter, Twitter Everywhere!

With great excitement, I mentioned to my 2 dear sisters that I have had about 15 new requests to "follow" me on Twitter (including Larry Ferlazzo and Darren Rowse (Pro-Blogger) in the last few days and a distinct "glazed" look came upon their faces yesterday. I have been politely requested not to talk about blogs or Twitter when we finally meet up tomorrow for the first time in 50 days specifically to chill out, do some shopping and basically have time out for a couple of hours together before I leave for Abruzzo..

"Twitter" for Primaries?
I don't mind this particular request because I respect my sisters' wishes and I wouldn't want to bore them with details but in all sincerity, I do believe talking about blogs and Twitter is very interesting especially as recently mentioned in the press, the government is thinking of introducing these Web 2.0 tools to primary school children under radical plans to overhaul primary school teaching. My young nephew who is only 8, already has his own "E-Portfolio". He and my two young nieces will one day have their own personal blog at school and also be expected to know and use "Twitter", podcasts, Wikipedia as sources of information and methods of communication....

A "Twitter" Question
My dear readers, do you think primary school children should learn about blogging, podcasting and "Twitter"? What is the purpose of them using these tools at such a young age? As a quintagenerian, I am known in polite circles as a "Digital Immigrant" and have come to such tools relatively late in life, hence my ongoing relentless quest to find out more about them.

Pro Blogger 31-Day Challenge Confession
I am going to do something you should apparently NEVER do on a blog. I am going to make a confession! Here goes. I am not keeping up with the 31-Day Pro-Blogger Challenge on how to write better blogs because I cannot focus on the tasks while I am in Oxford and not on my own computer. (My sister Giulietta has very kindly loaned me her PC). There are 11,000+ other bloggers registered around the world to do the challenge and it all looks like great stuff but I just can't do it at the moment. I would like to try out the tasks and catch up when I get back to Civitaquana. That is my intention and I hope to carry it out.

Words on Courage
"When you get into a tight place
and everything goes against you,
till it seems as though
you could not hang on
a minute longer,
never give up then,
for that is just the place
and time
that the tide will turn".
Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

"Disasters sweep the world-
war and disease, earthquake
and flood and fire-but always
in their wake come acts
of courage and concern that
astound the human heart.
Light in utter darkness".
Charlotte Gray

"Feel the fear and do it anyway."
Susan Jeffers

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