Friday, 24 July 2009

30th Anniversary Celebration

The Lake School of English does everything it can to ensure that everyone is truly happy. All the staff and students are very well looked after and cared for.

Friday July 24th 2009It has been a mega special day. Susan from the Lake School of English celebrated 30 years of being at the school. Now 30 years is you must acknowledge, a huge amount of years to devote to one institution. The Lake School of English, however, is like no normal school. It is unique in the whole world. Why?? Well, the answer is simple. The Lake School is a school that really cares about everybody.

30th Anniversary
So, this afternoon, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Susan being at the Lake School. It is a truly awesome achievement. Susan has been the bedrock of the school. The school has survived many ups and downs. The one constant beacon of light has been Susan. She is the heart and soul of the school. Many congratulations, dear Susan!! What a truly amazing achievement!!

An Inspiration
I do not need to say any more. You can get the picture. One day, I would like my garden in Abruzzo to look like Susan's. A true English cottage garden in the wilds of Abruzzo.....

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