Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Inspirational Posters

What do you think? Are all teachers Natural Born Actors?? Circle which applies to your style of teaching from the list of statements below. Please do add your own statement in the comments box.

  • I usually act a word for the students to guess the meaning
  • I'm a budding theatrical diva/divo
  • I'm an aspiring poet and I encourage my students to create their own poems
  • I always wanted to be a comedian or comedienne, so teaching is a nice alternative
  • I am always cracking jokes in class
  • I usually enter my classroom with a flourish
  • I am prone to using wild gesticulations to emphasize a point
  • I often change the tone of my voice to accentuate a particular point
  • I sometimes throw in random quotes from books/films to grab my students' attention
  • I sometimes feign anger when students don't hand in their homework
  • I always act out dialogues as examples for my students
  • I encourage my students to do role play at every given opportunity
  • I love watching Youtube clips of me and my lessons
  • I give Oscar-worthy performances when I feel like it
  • I can act happy and teach when I am feeling miserable inside
  • The show must always go on - that is my personal motto
There is a very interesting post from the BBC British Council website which asks this precise question "A good teacher is a good actor?"

There is no doubt at all that using drama skills in the classroom is an excellent way to motivate and engage students. This article by James Hanley from School Zone Resources goes into this question in great depth.

I personally believe that every teacher has a little bit of an acting side in them if it is nurtured properly. Teach with passion. Perform with passion. Teach + perform= perfect lesson =engaged teacher = happy students? What do you think about my simple theory?

Hidden Gems Homework
Poster Street was discovered on Alex Francisco's excellent Tool of the Day blog post entitled Poster Street. Have fun using the posters with your classes. No registration is required and you can adapt the posters to suit your needs, as I have done for this particular post. Cheers, Alex!

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