Tuesday, 16 August 2011

IASKU - An Exclusive Interview with Chiew

I was so excited when Chiew Pang from the wonderful A Clil To Climb blog got in contact regarding doing an interview for his exciting new blog project called IASKU. I was very happy and honoured to be amongst his illustrious cast of interviewees, which includes so many educators, whom I greatly admire and respect. I also felt very flattered to be a part of the "daredevil and avant-garde" group of educators, who have been interviewed so far. I certainly didn't ever set out to be different in any way!!! It kind of just happened along the journey of life without too much drama, and when I least expected it, really.

I'm not so sure if I fit into Chiew's category of teachers who "dare to be different", as I feel I am still the same old me, but thanks anyway, for the fab description!!

However, I think you can certainly teach an old dog new tricks, if the old dog (moi) is still young at heart!! As Chiew mentions, I first met him via our shared interest in idioms, and I had come across his lovely interactive lessons on Idioms on his A Clil To Climb blog, which I began to follow with interest.

Chiew explains here why he has started up this inspirational new project. I have really enjoyed viewing the interviews, and I like the way he has arranged and organised them all. He is really dedicating a lot of time and effort to make this series of interviews such a great success!! Many congratulations to Chiew!!

I wasn't able to do the recording using my own equipment at the time, so I asked a very good friend called Andy to help me out. He did a brilliant job of recording my responses. Grazie mille, Andy!!

I chose to answer Chiew's questions all in one go with no takes, so that my answers would be as they came to me. I am delighted with the result, and Chiew asked some fantastic questions, which I enjoyed replying to. Thanks very much to everyone who has already commented on the interview! I appreciate that.

You can view the interview, which is in two parts if you click on the link below:


Once again, Chiew, thank you for interviewing me on your IASKU blog. I really enjoyed the experience and it was a huge honour to take part. Now, I wonder who will be next?? I can't wait to find out...


Natasa said...

I have just listened to your interview, Janet. It was lovely to see you in person and hear you speak. I enjoyed learning more about you. You have done so many different things in life - travelled, taught, trained teachers... And now you are living in the beautiful Abruzzo, taking care of your menagerie and making your own olive oil. You follow your passions and your dreams and that's what definitely qualifies you as a teacher who dares to be different. You are an inspiration.

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Natasa

How kind of you to say these lovely words. Coming from you, a person I admire greatly, they mean a lot to me. Thank you very much :-)

Natasa said...

Dear Janet, the admiration is mutual:)