Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Photo Grid - Android App

Looking through my Twittter stream today, as usual I came across some interesting new links, resources and tools. Being a relatively new owner of an up to date Android mobile device, I am now rather like a child in a toy shop, really excited about all the different apps that can be explored. It's an exciting time for me...

Photo Grid, a new photo editing Android app, caught my eye via Richard Byrne's excellent Android 4 Schools' site. You can view other posts on free Android apps here.

I downloaded Photo Grid as a result of viewing the article on the Android 4 Schools blog, and below and above you can see the results. Quite a neat app, I think, but obviously I need to experiment far more to realise its full potential!


Can you spot which of my images in the Photo Grid below is the odd one out, and why?

A clue: I can't wait to see the image which is the odd one out in the next few days!!

Magical Moments in Mobile Learning
The irrepressible and amazing Shelly Terrell gave a webinar presentation at the 5th Virtual Round Table Web Conference entitled Magical Moments in Mobile Learning: 20+ Tips and Resources.
If you are interested in mLearning in general, it is well worth bookmarking this presentation right NOW as it really is a wonderful resource!!

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