Sunday, 3 June 2012

Happy 60th Diamond Jubilee, Your Majesty!

June 2012 marks the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth 2nd being on the throne of England. With the utmost respect for this truly amazing woman, I would like to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth's 60 years of unstinting devotion to her country and its people.  Most of Britain is celebrating her incredible and enduring reign with street parties up and down the land.   How I so wish I could be there as well!!

The Mail Online  has some fantastic images of the celebrations, and of people enjoying themselves against a backdrop of red, white and blue.

You can also view some spectacular images of the Royal Jubilee Pageant held along the Thames River here.

She is undoubtedly one of the most famous women on this planet, instantly recognisable with her trademark tiara.
 Image source and article here.

The image of the tiara below is part of a set of tiaras on a tea towel that I bought in England as a Jubilee souvenir.  It cost a modest £1.20 from Primark and I haven't wanted to use it yet, as it is so special.

Below you can view a Youtube video of a giant portrait of the Queen made entirely out of cupcakes. It's absolutely incredible! You can view the whole article from Anglotopia.

For more information and some fabulous lesson plans, you can visit The British Royal Family - Online Lessons and Worksheets by

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If you didn't get any great pictures from the Thames Pageant because of the rain there is a fantastic illustrated souvenir poster from that can be downloaded today for free

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Antonio

Thank you for your comment here and for link to the lovely pdf poster. It's a great souvenir!