Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Fable of Sorts on Present.me

I have revisited my very first Powerpoint presentation created in 2010. A Fable of Sorts was a project undertaken for the enjoyable EVO Images4Education session.

 I have used Present.me for the first time. I like its simplicity of use. For a free account, you can create one private audio and three public presentations a month. There is more information about this easy to use web 2.0. tool here.

Pre-recording an audio or video presentation on Present.me would be an excellent back-up strategy before delivering a major webinar.  This would give you piece of mind and possibly save the day!

I hope you enjoy my story which contains images taken by myself, and a plot loosely based on reality......
I wouldn't usually read the text straight from the slides, but in this case, my story could be used as an audio book, whereby a student could listen to and read the story at the same time.

You can click here if you wish to view the presentation on a large screen via the present.me site.

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