Friday, 1 February 2013

Reaching for the Stars in EVO Week 3

I came across this saying the other day, and it struck me as being so positive and uplifting, that I knew I had to write it down, so here it is!!

"Always reach for the stars, because even if you don't get there, you will be out of this world."

I am following the EVO Digital Storytelling for Kids session and so far, I am having such a wonderful time.  I just love being a "student" again.  Everyone is sharing so many ideas and being supportive of each other's efforts.  It is a world I love being drawn into, and it helps me appreciate what it is like to be participating in an online course from the student's eyes and perspective.  As an online moderator myself, it is important to be able to feel this perspective, so that in the future, I can incorporate the magical ingredients it takes to make a course a successful and enjoyable one.

Collaborative group work certainly is one of the key ingredients. Having a sense of "belonging" to a community is also fundamental and at the heart of what makes a session run smoothly. Together with excellent, committed moderators who always know the right moment for when to comment and give encouragement, it all contributes to a unique moment in one's personal and professional development.

The truth is that I had planned not to do an EVO session this year, due to a lack of time to devote and immerse myself fully, but as I mentioned in the previous post, I was encouraged to join in, and the rest so they say, is history....I am so glad I am participating!!

Below is a Dvolver film I have created for one of the Week 3 tasks.  It sums up the journey I am following with so much enthusiasm.

The Lillies
Here is a simple story I created with Creaza, called The Lillies.  Can you guess what happens before the final slide?  You need to use your imagination!  Please do join in with your ideas in the Comments' box at the very bottom of the post.


Motorbike Stuff
Here's a cartoon I couldn't resist creating, using one of my own favourite images of Abruzzo for the background:

Crazy Rider created with Creaza
The cartoon shows ME doing a wheelie in Abruzzo!!

Can you guess whether the following statements are true about me or not?

  • has actually been on the back of a motorbike doing a wheelie.
  • has ridden thousands of miles on the back of a motorbike.
  • lists her favourite motorbike of all time as the Honda Goldwing 1500
  • likes flicking through motorbike magazines such as Motociclismo
  • has actually seen Valentino Rossi win a Moto GP
  • has ridden in formation with a Police Outrider for the former Queen Mother
  • has a signed Valentino Rossi original poster called "First Blood" 
  • knows what an Akrapovic exhaust sounds like
  • enjoys travelling around Abruzzo by motorbike
  • has taken training and passed her CBT (Compulsory Basic training) in the UK for riding a 125cc motorbike
Animoto Motorbike Scenes
Animoto is an excellent tool for creating short, snappy slideshows with music.  The free version allows you 30 seconds, which is a bit limiting, but is good enough to create some lovely presentations.

Below is an Animoto video called Abruzzo by Motorbike.  It shows images I took (mostly from the back of the motorbike!) on a trip around the beautiful region of Abruzzo.

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Answers to the True / False questions are at the bottom!

Using Comics & Cartoons to learn a language
I think learning a language by creating simple comics is an excellent idea. Can you work out what the characters are saying in Itlaian?

An Italian Dialogue created with Creaza
Mille Grazie
I would like to say a very big thank you to all the lovely moderators on the EVO Digitalstorytelling for Young Learners session and also to all my fellow EVO participants for helping to make it such an interesting and valuable learning experience for me so far.  Roll on week 4!!

Post Scriptum
All the statements about Janet and motorbikes are TRUE!!!

Can you believe it?  Sometimes I can't believe it myself, but I'm very glad I tried these things...
When I am old and wearing purple, I will look back on these heady and incredible moments, and they will help me to face the last inevitable journey....


fatenromdhani said...

It's been very wonderful to read your reflections about the EVO sessions dear Janet and about you and your love of motorbikes! No wonder you're so enthusiastic, and energetic! So pleased to be one of your blog readers :-) Thank you so much for your efforts and your inspiration! Great work!

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Faten

I am so thrilled to be involved with such a dedicated group of teachers in this EVO session. Thank YOU so much for your continued encouragement and support :-))

anisoara said...

Hi Janet, I was going to mention that one of the things I guess I remember is true about you is that you travel extensively by motorbike.
Thank you so much for your great examples!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Anisoara

Thank you so much for commenting here. It is lovely to connect with you across different platforms and it is a great pleasure to learn and share things with you, too :-))

elizabeth_anne said...

I especially enjoyed finding out that you are a motorbike enthusiast!
It's great how everyone is encouraging each other in EVO.
We are really thrilled to have you aboard :-)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne

Many thanks! It is lovely to be aboard this fabulous EVO session...