Tuesday, 5 March 2013

ELT Experiences - March Teacher Interview

I am delighted to announce that I am featured in the March Teacher Interview on Martin Sketchley's very informative blog ELT Experiences! It is a great honour to share this platform with his other ELT guests.

I have known Martin ever since he first started on his blogging path.  It has been a pleasure to follow his posts, and see how he has developed into a very successful and influential teacher and ELT blogger.  His posts always contain a lot of very useful and pertinent information regarding ELT methodology, and you can find many of his great lesson plans and viewpoints on his website. 

The questions provided a great opportunity to review my past,  present and future in my lifelong career in ELT.

Please do go over to the post called March Teacher Interview: Janet Bianchini

Whilst there you can also read the previous insightful interviews for 2013, which include:

January Teacher Interview: Adam Simpson

February Teacher Interview: Lusine Avetisyan
If you have time, please do look through the 2012 interviews as well - you will find out a lot more about some very prominent ELT Bloggers.

Many thanks, Martin for the interview :-)


Martin Sketchley said...

Janet, thank you for linking to my blog post. It is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time answering some of your questions. Best of luck for the year and I look forward to more updates from Fluffy.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Martin

It was my great pleasure to be interviewed for your fabulous blog, and I wish you all the best for your forthcoming projects this year.

I do hope Fluffy will be able to find more time to update his posts more often, but he gets a bit distracted by all the other creatures around here :-)

teflbook said...

I'm looking to start my own ELT blog. Looking for ideas from various blogs. Hope to combine the best ideas into my own concoction.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi teflbook

Best of luck with your ELT blog. I wish you lots of success and above all, have fun writing your posts!