Monday, 20 May 2013

6th Virtual Round Table E-Conference. Read All About It!

A link to my Slideshare presentation below.  I do hope you enjoy it.  The process of creating each new slide was very therapeutic.

A link to all the resources I shared, located in a special wiki page I created called VRT 2013 Resources.

I forgot to mention the Padlet I created for attendees to share an app or tool.

Please feel free to add your favourite app or web 2.0 teaching tool to the Padlet below or on the actual site.

With many thanks to Miguel, Elinda and Cristina for posting during the event:-)

Once again, a very special thanks to Heike and her amazing co-organizers for a truly stunning 6th Virtual Round Table econference. 

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation, who tweeted about it and shared the updates in various social networking sites. It was such a thrill to see so many familiar faces in the audience, including some former students of mine Cristina & Hind, members of my PLN, and also people I didn't know, but was very happy to 'meet' online.  This truly inspired me.

A screenshot of me during the webinar. The direct link to my webinar is here.

Most of all thanks to all my fellow presenters, who demonstrated such a wealth of inspiring information and resources.

A big thanks to my wonderful moderator Aydan :-))  I really enjoyed her inspiring webinar, called 'How to Motivate Online Learners', and you should view the recording.

I am sorry I was not fully able to interact with everything going on in the chatbox, as the time was limited, and I had to get through a lot, and I think I missed some questions.  What I plan to do is to review the chat and I will answer specific questions in my next post. I will be reviewing some of the webinars I attended, so please watch this space!

You can view the recording of my webinar and of all the presenters in the progrmme notes.

Below I have added the special motivation poster which I created to inspire me, and also to keep me on the right track.  The bountiful and non-stop flowering of these lovely snapdragons have adorned many vases in the house, and brightened up my life. This lovely view has also helped me. In addition, the mega daily task of looking after all the furkids has taken my mind off things.


Natasa said...

Dear Janet,

That was a great presentation - so creative, so inspiring, so you. And you have written a lovely blog post to accompany it, with all your useful links. I love the wiki.

Yes, everything was beautifully organised. Heike, Aydan and the whole team are so dedicated. I am going to blog about this experience as well.

I agree that it is very, very difficult to present and watch the chat. I didn't manage to do that. Great idea to watch it again and answer the questions in a blog post.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Natasa

Thank you so much for your really kind and positive words. I have read your blogpost and I enjoyed reading about your webinar, too.

It was such a thrill to be on the same panel slot of presenters as you, Merve and Marisa! Let's hope we can repeat this fabulous experience in the near future :-))