Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 - The Year of Living Relatively Quietly!!

Looking back on 2014, I can truthfully say it was as quiet as I had wanted it to be, although there were busy bits inbetween!!  What I enjoyed most on a personal level was having a little bit more time to do what I love - gardening, composting and so on.  I did a Project 52 blog inspired by my fellow blogger Sue Annan here.  This kept me occupied on a daily basis, and hence I didn't blog so much on Janet's Abruzzo.  I will try to post more often in 2015!!

The Highs of 2014
My Project 52 blog
Janet's Abruzzo Edublog celebrating its 6th year
EVO Crafting as a moderator for five weeks in January / February
Connecting Online webinar in February
Teaching at the lake school
Online projects with the Consultants-e
Doing an excellent mlearning course with the Consultants-e
Teaching wonderful groups of students
Reading and learning more about the art of composting
Motorbike trip to San Marino
Learning more about the use of QR codes in education

The Lows of 2014
Losing the final chicken, leaving Freddy on his own, no fresh eggs!
Dearest Fluffy going missing, and accepting he is probably gone forever
No olive harvest this year - very disappointing!
The very rainy summer in Abruzzo

My resolutions for 2015?
Continue to be happy, doing what I like doing
Write more often on this blog
Produce more vegetables
Sow seedlings earlier
Continue to grow professionally by reading and attending online courses
Explore more indepth some of the Web 2.0 tools I already use

A 2015 calendar created with Photofunia today. We are deep in snow at the end of the year!

I couldn't resist taking this photo of a cat on the balcony! Hopefully we will start the New Year tomorrow with water, electricity and Internet connection!!

An Animoto message

Welcome to 2015!

The final message of 2014 to all my readers and members of my PLN:

..and a final QR message as well :-)


Natasa said...

Dear Janet,

I love your Project 52 blog. The images are amazing. I am looking forward to reading it at leisure.

Both of us seem to have been more absent from our TEFL blogs than it is usual. It is interesting to notice that it happened to us both during Year 6. And for a similar reason - having more than one blog. Still, you have had an amazing year and you have accomplished great things.

Hope to see more of you during Year 7. Happy New Year and all the best in 2015.

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Natasa

Thank you so much for dropping by! I do hope that 2015 will be a great blogging year for both of us as we enter Year 7. Blogging has been such a fulfilling experience so far in our lives, so here's hoping we both continue to enjoy it!

Happy New Year wishes to you, and all the best for a wonderful 2015!