Monday, 25 January 2016

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Dear Blog!

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Seven whole years have passed since my world opened up in November 2008 and a new dimension was discovered.  Blogging has brought me much joy and expanded my knowledge of the world.  I have met many wonderful bloggers along the way, each and every one of them helping me to continue on this incredible journey.

I have been inspired to rescue this post from my drafts folder after reading Natasa's inspiring post:

 My Blog is Eight Years Old.

I have discovered ways of using technology effectively within my classes, made so many new friends and been invited to present at many econferences throughout this period.

I do hope I will carry on blogging for many more years to come!


Natasa said...

A great achievement, Janet. Congratulations. Let's try and keep our blogs active. I didn't update mine much last year and I am hoping to change that.

Janet said...

Thanks dear Natasa for your kind comment. Yes, I agree about keeping our blogs active. I too didn't post as often in this blog but I updated a Project 52 blog each week last year. Hopefully 2016 will see more action here :-)

English Language Teacher said...

Great blog post Janet!
You were really great!
Looking forward to hearing from you. To the next session!

Tiziana Angiolini

Janet said...

Thanks so much Tiziana for your lovely comment!! Looking forward to sharing another EVO experience with you again next year! Thanks for all your fantastic contributions and congratulations on your successful ebook project!!