Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Olive Oil Harvest 2017

Thankfully this year was a good one for olives and we were delighted to have a bumper crop in November. 

We picked each olive by hand over 5 solid days and the result was approximately 255 kilos, which was then converted at the local olive mill to about 55 litres of lovely 100% extra virgin olive oil.

The picking was an enjoyable experience, surrounded by nature and peace and quiet.  In some areas it was a bit tricky to get at the branches as seen in the image below and I had to be very careful indeed not to fall!

 Pouring the lovely 'liquid gold' from the olive mill containers below......

... into our own container, was a magical moment!

 Then it was time for clearing all the olive tree prunings and adding them to the bonfire!

A job well done!


English Language Teacher said...

Great activity and beautiful images !
Thanks Janet for sharing such lovely experience !
I wish you all the best for the coming new Year!
Tiziana Angiolini

Janet said...

Dear Tiziana

Thank you so much for your kind comment here!

Likewise, I wish you and your family the very best for a happy Christmas and new year!

Janet :-)