Monday, 24 August 2009

Becoming a Student Again with WikiEducator

I am a student again! I adore studying and learning new things and I am very happy to be participating in the 10-day WikiEducator Learning4Content 29th Online Workshop, which began today. I hope to share this journey with you and I will keep you updated on my progress. Like all new students on any course, I am excited about the new challenges that lie ahead, but also a bit apprehensive. Will I be able to keep up? Will I understand everything? Will I be able to contribute effectively? What can I contribute? Will I be able to focus on the tasks? How will I interact with all the other participants from around the globe? Will I be able to participate in the course without any obstacles?

I had enrolled on two occasions on this particular course earlier in the year, but was unable to participate due to unforseen family circumstances. Fingers crossed, I can complete the course this time! One of my tutors is the wonderful Nellie Deutsch. I look forward to having her as my tutor again. She is very kind and very patient. These qualities are so vitally important as a teacher.

Towards a Free Education
The main aim of WikiEducator is to create a free version of the education curriculum by 2015. This is an incredible goal and the following video shows Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu talking about the importance of freedom in education.


cloud 10 said...

Good luck with the course Janet. Your ideas and summaries on your blog are inpirational. Keep up the excellent work and the Wiki educator experience looks interesting too

Loads of love xx

LLJB said...

Many thanks! I've been sidetracked from my studies today by writing about the wolves in Abruzzo, so must get down to work right now...

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Janet, I want to ask you about 'stuff' how can I get in touch with you - I can't access your email! Karen