Saturday, 29 August 2009

WikiEducator - Spreading the Word

Lightening struck last night and with it came some form of illumination for me and my studies. I am half way through my excellent WikiEducator Content4Learning workshop and I am now the very proud owner of a Level 1 Wiki Apprentice badge. I have conscientiously worked my way through the various tasks on how to format the wiki and have been practising the use of bold, italics, headings, lists, "piped" internal links and external links, in my specially created "Sandbox" which is found on my WE User page. This sandbox is a place where you can do rough copies of your work in progress. It is very good to have something like this because you can practise to your heart's content and can edit and delete as often as you wish. I am doing the course at my own pace and I feel it is going well. I am constantly amazed at what the other participants have achieved in their lives and it is an excellent learning environment for me. It is challenging and at first I did have doubts, but hopefully I am overcoming those inner fears. Read my previous posting on becoming a student again here.

My Level 1 WikiApprentice Badge

Reasons for doing the course
I am doing this course because I want to learn more about "Open Education Resources" (OERs) and also, I would like to have a working knowledge of WikiEducator and what it entails. The idea of sharing knowledge openly and in a mutually respectful "open" community is a very exciting prospect for the future course development of education throughout the world. Below is an extract from the WikiEducator home page.

The WikiEducator is an evolving community intended for the collaborative:
  • planning of education projects linked with the development of free content;
  • development of free content on Wikieducator for e-learning;
  • work on building open education resources (OERs) on how to create OERs.
  • networking on funding proposals developed as free content.
Another good reason for doing this course is that it creates an avenue for my Continuing Personal Development (CPD). Feel free to join me in my PLN ! (Personal Learning Network)

Working in Collaboration
The team of facilitators, Wayne Mackintosh, Patricia Schlicht and Nellie Deutsch are very skilled in their respective fields and are experts at conducting online workshops such as this one. They are also efficient, helpful and very supportive. They are prompt in answering any questions from the participants. There are approximately 170 participants from all over the world. They come from India , New Zealand, Usa, Canada, Kenya, Brazil, Peru to name just a few countries. There is only 1 participant from England and there are 4 from Italy (myself included). During the course, I hope to communicate with as many participants as possible and build relationships for the future.

Becoming a WikiEducator Ambassador?

I would like to tell the world via this blog about WikiEducator, as the concept is a truly awesome one. If you don't know about WikiEducator, have a look through the links on this page and you can register for an upcoming course by looking at the information here.

I hope to take part in the online WizIq Virtual Classroom event on Monday 31st August. I believe it's at 7am Rome time so I will need to set my alarm. If you are awake then, come and join me and find out what WikiEducator is all about!



Am so jealous Janet, this is something I really want to learn more about but unfortunately am buried under so many tasks at the moment.

I will be actively looking out for the next session and maybe knocking on your door for advice soon :)

Well done for getting your WikiApprentice Badge!


Janet Bianchini said...

Thank you, Karenne. I am still a WikiEducator newbie learner with a long way to go yet...Of course, I would be happy to offer any advice when I hopefully complete the course. Good luck with all your fantastic projects :)

I did a wonderful course on PBwikis earlier in the year with the Consultants-E and learned a lot then, but unfortunately, due to unexpected events, I didn't get round to implementing what I learned directly after the course. So, this time round, I really hope to gain more confidence in the ways wikis work in general.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch said...

Hi Janet,

I enjoyed reading your blog. You may wish to join a workshop we are developing on collaborative learning:

Warm wishes,

pschlicht said...

Dear Janet,

Loved the posting and feedback. Thank you for this.

The next Learning4Content workshop will start on September 21, and will run through to October 2, 2009

Come and join us at

See you soon, looking forward to it

Warm wishes,
Patricia Schlicht

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Nellie and Patricia

Thank you so much for giving feedback on my blog.

I really enjoyed the online WikiEducator session this morning and seeing and hearing you both in action. It was wonderful.

Best wishes


Lake School said...

Just been playing in your 'Sandbox' janet. seems like you are doing a great job! Is this course to enable you to add stuff to Wikipedia? Or will you be able to present courses through it all open access? Is it like another blog? Janet, so many questions but congratulations on just getting to grips with all the stuff out there. PS Noticed you now have a Grade 2 Badge!! xxx Bye xx

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Jane

Great to hear from you. Thank you so much for your positive comments.

The Sandbox is a good place to practise all the interesting new stuff I am learning. I didn't know it was already free for the world to view! In straight at the deep end on this fantastic and very useful course. I will send you information on the next WikiEducator course starting on September 21st and maybe you or one of the lovely Lake School teachers might like to register? That would be so cool!

Take care

J x