Monday, 9 November 2009


One year has passed since I started writing my blog. A lot has happened since then. A new universe I didn't really know existed prior to November 9th has opened up. It has changed my life irrevocably. I really was living in the Dark Ages before technology entered my life. My innate fear of wiping out whole systems, of unpredictable computers, of losing data was put to the test. My anxiety about going "public" was great.

Thank You

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a very big Thank You to everyone who has helped me on my way to becoming the blogger I am today. All my mentors, fellow educators, friends, colleagues, family, have all played a part in giving me the encouragement to carry on.
A big thanks also goes to all the staff at the Consultants-e who started me off gently on the journey to becoming a blogger. The 2-week e-course was pedagogically sound and exactly what was necessary for a technologically-challenged person like me, who needed an expert guiding hand. The path was paved for the Future, which has now become the Present.

My very own Virtual Classroom
The sense of being in control of my own destiny in terms of my learning journey has given me enormous satisfaction. I have become a "digital" citizen or a "netizen". I am a student in my own specially created classroom "without walls". The educators I have personally selected to surround me have all opened a huge portal of information, which is certainly keeping me involved, engaged and motivated. Five key words are vital in empowering myself to do what I am doing via my blog.
  • Sharing
  • Motivation
  • Involvement
  • Learning
  • Engagement

My Favourite Postings through the Year
I have selected a few postings which reflect my journey on this great blogging adventure.

The Google-isation of our Lives

The Call of the Wild- Literally!

Kalinago English Blog Carnival - My Advice Post for Noobie Bloggers

Some of My Fave Tools

Slang Xtranormal Video

Animoto: A Year in The Life of Janet's Abruzzo Edublog

Twitter V Blogging in 140 characters
I like Twitter as a flowing, dynamic, 24/7, express learning tool.
I like blogging as a more reflective, in-depth, personal learning tool.

What about you? Which of these two tools do you prefer and why? (in up to 140 characters )

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."
John Dewey


Jane said...

Happy blog anniversary Janet. yet another inspirational post. I love your reasons for liking twitter and sure have learnt LOADS over the year (and picked up the lingo!) xx

Jade said...

wow has it really been a year for you. you must of learned a lot in that year about blogging. well i say cheers, happy anniversary to you Janet! hope you learn a lot more over the years 'bout blogging!

LLJB said...

Hi Jane

Great to hear from you! Thanks for your kind comments.

Can't wait to start reading your blog re your African adventures next year!

LLJB said...

Hi Jade

Thanks for popping in to say hi. I appreciate it.

Hope we both learn more about blogging in the next year. Good luck with your lovely blog :)

popps said...

Happy birthday from bitsnbobs too.

LLJB said...

Thank you bitsnbobs!


Happy Birthday Janet! We're having a ball aren't we and learning so much!


LLJB said...

Hi Karenne

Thank you! Yes, we sure are having a whale of a time. Long may it continue :)

Sputnik said...

More power to you Janet - I've only just discovered your blog but have picked up a bunch of things to use with my students already. Happy birthday!

Janet said...

Hi "Sputnik"

Thanks for passing by my blog and for your kind wishes. I am very happy that you have found some useful stuff to use with your students.