Sunday, 20 December 2009


Some songs can convey much more than words alone can ever express. Such a song is "When you Say Nothing at all". I first came across this Youtube video in April in Italy and it moved me to tears. The haunting Italian sub-text conveys thoughts on the meaning of life. The message is: "Live life to the full". Doors close, doors open. Life is an uphill struggle but then the sunshine comes back to fill the dark moments with rays of energy. Nobody knows how long this will last, so grab life by the scruff of the neck and enjoy the moment!

Encapsulating Thoughts
2009 started off very badly, very badly indeed. It got even worse. Luckily, my blog saved me from going under during a difficult period of time. I like this song very much. It's poignant to hear it again because it's a constant reminder that "through a glass darkly", there is hope. If you listen carefully to the words and if you can read Italian, it all makes a lot of sense. I have copied the posting in full.

I have just viewed this video song on Youtube for the first time and I like it very much. It is very visual and beautifully made. Its theme is the meaning of life. The song is based on a poem by Paul Coelho. Basically, you never know what is coming round the corner and therefore, it is best to live life to the full.

"Don't just dream it. Do it. Take control of your future".

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