Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Digital Story

Background Information
This week in my fab Images4Education course we had to create a digital story using any form we wished. I chose to make up a story using pictures from my folder and create a Power Point presentation. I then easily uploaded my PPt to Slideshare. I let my imagination flow. The characters consist of the ever present Princess Arabella, Victoria, Joseph and two farmers. It has an enigmatic ending because I would like you, my dear readers to think of what happens at the end. I will be away for the next week with no Internet connection and so, it would be lovely to find some suggestions when I get back. If not, the story will end enigmatically forever, and that will also be ok!

A Week of Firsts
My first time with Slideshare, Power Point and GoAnimate. Which of these tools have you used before? Do you have any tips you would like to share? I look forward to hearing from you!!



and all of a sudden her heart grew weary.

She looked down at her calloused hands and...

(next, continue)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Karenne

Thanks for being the first to continue the story!! I think this could be fun!
J x

popps said... her surprise the cat purred and started softly licking her palm.
'Tiger, who are you, you seem so familiar?" she thought, but no sooner thought than the cat suddenly bit her finger.
And a drop of blood fell onto the earth at her feet.
as she watched the soil started to fizzle and from the cracked ground a small shoot started to grow.

Natasa said...

Arabella had never seen a tree like that. It kept growing right in front of her eyes. It grew and grew until it reached the sky. The cat started climbing the tree. He looked at her as if he was calling her to follow him. Then he continued climbing until he got lost in the clouds.