Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mirror Posts Galore!

Beautiful Venetian Mirror image found on
It's been my great pleasure to be a guest blogger on the Bits'n'Bobs Blog, which has recently set up an excellent series called "Mirror Posts". I was the first guest to kick off this fascinating series on 12th March with the title "Through the Looking Glass 1". In it I "mirrored" Chris' blog posts by picking up on a word or title he had used in his previous posts. Victoria below is mentioned as a very elusive and indeed "Spooky" look-a-like cat to Chris' cat of the same name.

One of my all time favourite books is "Brave New World" and here is another "Mirror Post" reference which uses this title. Chris also wrote a post called "The Breach of Berlin's Wall" which was similar in theme to my post "1989 - The Berlin Wall". All these are coincidental items published at varying times over the past year or so.
You can read all the posts in the unique series here.

Alice in Wonderland Theme

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Anne Hodgson from "The Island Weekly" blog recently invited her readers to "come and play a game". This game consisted of a group collaborative story expanding the title "Alice in Wonderland". You can see how this fabulous and fun idea evolved by clicking here. Many bloggers from around the world immediately jumped to the challenge, including myself. If you missed out on the first game, then you can have more fun and more focused practice by clicking on this latest activity called "Altering Alice".

Sue Lyon-Jones from "" has written a brilliant spoof parody poem called Alice in Wonderland 2.0 - Twitterwocky". She has very cleverly used Web 2.0 terms within the rewritten poem. I recommend you have a look as it is an inspiring read!

A Magical Mystery Tour
Recently I have been busy trying to locate a birthday parcel from my best friend Marion sent to me from Dresden on 18th January. We finally had to go to Pescara to collect it on March 8th, almost 2 months later. The parcel had travelled over 2,000 kilometres and had gone back to Germany, before we tracked it down. The courier responsible for delivering the parcel sincerely believed that I lived in this thoroughly picturesque albeit abandoned, wreck of a "house" below.

You can read all about it via moto-abruzzo's post entitled "Return to Sender" or "How to make a parcel disappear". It's a cracking read! Eeerily atmospheric and original photo courtesy of KRB.


Anne Hodgson said...

Dear Janet, I really enjoyed your charming mirror post. These responses to Chris's blog really reflect the dedicated following his writing has generated, eh? A blog is more of a conversation than a monologue, even if comments only trickle in. There are tons of readers out here. Also, for your blog, which I enjoy for the enthusiasm with which you throw yourself into all of this webby stuff. And for your cats and pictures, of course.
Thanks so much for your kind link to my post, I really appreciate it! And thank you for linking to Sue's brilliant poem, wouldn't have wanted to miss it!
Wow, what a well-travelled parcel. I do hope it didn't contain cookies, which would have gobe stale by now -?

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Anne
Thank you so much for your lovely feedback re my post. I agree, Chris has generated a dedicated following due to his great originality and constant "surprise" factor. It is lovely to interact in such a way with you as well!

Collaborating on your "Alice in Wonderland" expanding e-story was brilliant fun! I will definitely be showing my group of teachers your blog next month when I teach them about Web 2.0 tools and sites.

I hasten to add that the parcel didn't contain any food but lots of lovely personal gifts which I am already wearing! My enduring friendship with Marion goes back to Dresden,1982. She befriended me when I was all alone in the GDR.