Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Power of Images - a Powerpoint Presentation

I would like to present my most recent Powerpoint presentation tutorial via Slideshare on the theme of images. I am still learning the basics, so I decided that "simple" works best as Seth Dickens points out in his excellent "How to Make a Good PowerPoint". I have also read Jeremy Harmer's article called "10 things I hate about Powerpoint" just to inspire me, and I found it very useful. As an addendum, I have just been tweeted this link to a Powerpoint tutorial via @ Seth Dickens. Have a look at this. "Visual Design Basics" from sumeet.moghe. It is very good and its message is cristal clear.

My tutorial shows creative ways to use images and includes a few Web 2.0 tools that I particularly like. I hope you enjoy the show. Click on the "Full" icon for a better view.


Rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing this. Got it from a tweet--digital images are a powerful way to reach students in the classroom!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Rhonda

Thank you so much for your comment. Greatly appreciated. Twitter is amazing for such a fast response!

Alex Francisco said...

Hi Janet,

Loved the presention. Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas. I'll be sure to follow some of them through with my students! =)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Alex

It's my pleasure to share these ideas. No point keeping them to myself. Sharing them also motivates me to create even more, when I have time! I'd love to hear how you get on with any of these ideas with your students.

NB Following on from our pancakes and cake conversation via Twitter, have you eaten anything yet? :)

Seth Dickens said...

Thanks for the nod, Janet. I think that soon i'll be able to post an updated version of the PowerPoint tips slides. The ones you saw were aimed at my students and are a little rambling (as they were used to set up a class discussion.)

I really like some of the ideas in your presentation here, thanks for sharing them. If I may offer one small word of advice from one teacher to another; expand your images, wherever possible, to fill the whole of your slide. Then place your (matching colour) text on top of them. I'm certainly not any sort of design whizz-kid, but it certainly made my slides lots nicer visually.

Anyhow, thanks once again for sharing your thoughts and ideas with other teachers, a wonderful and inspiring blog to have been mentioned on :)


Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Seth

Thank you very much for commenting back here and for your kind words! I look forward to seeing your updated version when it is ready.

I appreciate your constructive advice very much. In fact, I have been working on my next PPT alteady and I have placed a whole picture as a background, as you suggest. I will try to fit the text on top, but sometimes things have a mind of their own!!

As you can see from my PPTs, I am still at the experimental stage. In pre-publishing mode,I am having a lot of fun trying out the "in house" templates/layout designs. I personally quite like the look of them, as they are all absolutely new and "fresh" for me.

On the other hand, if everyone had the same style, I guess it would maybe not become a bit boring. I look forward to producing something which is as personal a style as possible, and which suits me and my personality.

Many thanks once again for dropping by my blog.


Natasa said...

Hey, Janet, I just dropped by to see how you were doing and I can see that you are doing great:) Love your PPT. Each slide could be expanded to a whole lesson. In fact, I am still thinking about the "mirror challenge". And good to see that Arabella is back.

Shelly Terrell said...

What a great presentation! I agree with Natasa that each could be its own lesson for students and they would be engaging and fun! Actually, I start my next semester of courses in April and this would be a great introduction lesson to get my adult students speaking!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Natasa

Thank you so much for popping in and for your very nice comment! I am glad that the images have provided some food for thought. I thought very carefully about my questions.

I know the "Mirror Challenge" is a bit deep, but I just thought it might provoke a reaction of some sort!

As for Arabella, she is still too timid to join Second Life, as she hasn't got a clue about it yet! Her mentor is just gently introducing her to a virtual life of some sorts via this blog to see if she likes it or not.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Shelly

I appreciate your kind words. Many thanks! I actually created this presentation to show a group of teachers next month as an insight into some of the tools you can use to enhance your images, but it's also a series of images to prompt discussion and conversation.

I would be absolutely thrilled if you used this PPT as an introduction lesson to get your students speaking next term. I would be interested in your feedback, if you do use it:)