Monday, 11 April 2011

Dvolver Animation

You can watch Russell Stannard's Dvolver Video tutorial to find out how to make these easy animations!

Please note. I noticed that some of the characters are not suitable for younger learners so, a bit of caution is necessary in choosing ones which would be ok.

I've been burning the midnight oil the past few weeks! Teaching Face 2 Face full time by day, and online by night. Inbetween these periods, I have been busy finalising my IATEFL Brighton presentation. I have spent about 25 hours in total now on the preparation and I think I have got to stop!!! I met my self-imposed deadline of finishing my draft yesterday.

I tried out the presentation on my group of teachers today and I asked them about the ending of my Idiomatic Digital Story. They kindly suggested an alternative ending, so I have decided I will let my audience at IATEFL Brighton pick which one they prefer!

You can see a brief preview of my slides on the IATEFL Brighton online site here.

I will be totally off-line over the 4 days I'm in Brighton. I won't be blogging, tweeting or doing anything technological during these 4 days. It will be back to basics, and I am looking forward to chillaxing by the beach. I really want to make the most of attending as many sessions as I can and also connecting face to face with people I have met online via my blog and Twitter. I am getting very excited indeed! I will try to write up a feedback summary of my experience when I get back.

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