Sunday, 9 October 2011! Update

I first wrote about the web curation site three months ago here. Since then I have been using the site to add to my growing collection of Comics and cartoons, which has been viewed over a thousand times! Thank you so much to everyone who has visited it, and also a big thanks to all my followers.

I have reproduced the Pixton comics below from my previous post about It is now part of a series of comics on this theme.

Fun Scoop.its to Follow
I have also been busy following quite a few Scoop.its on a variety of topics, which include technology, images and presentations, amongst others. I follow these sites for my CPD. I like the fact that each site contains a lot of useful links all in one place. This is both convenient and time-saving. I intend to show these sites to teachers as an example of the type of themes that can be curated. In fact, the world is your oyster! You can curate anything that interests you. I get daily notifications of any updates on the sites I follow. This is very handy! sites I follow include the following:

Inspiration for tired EFL Teachers

Tools for Learners
Teaching English
Digital presentations in English
Visual Literacy

Larry Ferlazzo has an excellent and informative list of Best Posts & Articles about Curation.

If you haven't already investigated starting up your very own site, then I hope this post will inspire you to do so!

If you already have your site, I would love to hear how you exploit your curation site(s) for your Continuous Professional Development, or your classes.


Fiona said...

Hi Janet
I've got two topics: English for International Students (the name of our department at the FE college where I work) and another called Teacher Training. I made both these topics to share interesting links, tools and articles with teachers where I work. Not got many followers as yet but I carry on hoping that in time more teachers will follow as I think is great. It's also great that it's linked to Twitter and I forgot - actually, I've got three topics. I've also got Post-CELTA which is another idea I had to enable trainees to keep in touch a with each other after the course and is linked to a new Twitter account I set up in March just for them. Again, not a resounding success as yet!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Fiona

That's great that you have got 3 dedicated topics for your particular interests and for the teachers and trainees you work with. Thank you for sharing this information.

Don't worry about numbers yet as these things can build up slowly but surely. I agree is very useful to keep things together and I am sure everyone will appreciate your efforts.

I'll do my bit and mention them on Twitter too :-)