Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Truth Is Out!

Thank you to everyone who has attempted to guess which facts are NOT true about my life. I made a Jing video and wrote a post about the blog challenge here. Dave Dodgson who started off the Tuth or Lie? blog challenge has posted up his answers to the challenge on his blog here.

Thanks to Dave for this very interesting and worthwhile challenge. I have visited new blogs and connected with other teachers from around the world, and that has been fun.

Here was the challenge:
  • Post a video, audio recording or just a regular post on your blog in which you state 5 facts about yourself - 3 truths and 2 lies.
  • Invite your PLN to quiz you and speculate on what the lies are!
I have a big confession to make. I have just realised that only 2 facts are strictly true, so there are 3 false statements in my Blog Challenge: Truth or Lie? post. I apologise for any confusion!!

Fiona has guessed two facts correctly! So has Sue from ESOL Courses. Well done!

Here are the TRUE facts as seen in the individual Poweroint slides below. I used Jing to screen capture each slide as an image.

Statement 1

I originally said I cultivated 100 litres. Maybe one day it will be true and olive oil cultivation will be my full time day job!

Statement 2

I said I had been blogging for 5 years. In fact it will be 3 years very soon.

Statement 3

This fact is true! You can see my blog post called Janet's Motorcycle Diaries, which describes a trip I made from Abruzzo to England last year. I and my hubby used to be members of a motorcylce club and we went touring all over Europe! I have been to Assen twice on the back of a Triumph Trophy 1200 motorbike, and I have seen Valentino Rossi win the Moto GP there. Both trips were amazing and I loved the exciting atmosphere at the Moto GP race track. I must find some old photos and add them to this post!

Statement 4

Yes, this statement is absolutely true!

Statement 5

I said I had been to all the places on the red dots. In fact, I haven't been to all these places Janet's Abruzzo Edublog HAS been viewed by people from over 100 countries in the world, as you can see from this Clustrs map, taken from my blog's Main page!!!

I look forward to finding out the truth about the other bloggers who have taken up the challenge.


Lesley said...

Hi Janet

This has been so much fun!

I just had to let you know that you need a better view of your blog visitors' map as it doesn't show me on your map - you've cut off the east coast of Australia! :-)

I can see why you enjoy living in Abruzzo, it looks gorgeous. And I've been lookig at your 'Motorcycle Diaries' posts - fabulous!


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Lesley

Thanks so much for popping by all the way from Australia!! Really sorry I missed out your section of the world on my screenshot..

Glad you enjoyed the Motorcycle Diaries' post - I must get back onto the back of a motorbike soon, before I forget what it feels like to be "riding free" lol :-)