Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Call for Participation for Electronic Village Online 2012

It's that time of year again when a decision needs to be made about which session to attend on the free TESOL Electronic Village Online sessions which begin on January 9th. There are more than 14 different topics to choose from this year, and each one looks unmissable!! Registration is taking place now until January 8th. Each session lasts 5 weeks and is action-packed full of practical projects and hands-on practice. This is an excellent opportunity for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and the time for action is now if you can spare a few hours every week for the course interaction and work required.

It will be a fun 5 weeks and you will get the chance to collaborate with fellow educators from around the globe and discuss issues of common interest. The moderators are all highly skilled and experienced and you will gain a lot. You never know, it could be a life-changing experience!!
Since 2009 I have attended one session each year, and I can truly say that all the topics chosen have been so useful for me in terms of practical applications for classroom teaching and for professional development.

Last year I did Digital Storytelling, which was excellent. This year the focus is on Digital Storytelling for Young Learners and this promises to be fabulous. Ozge has just written a post on it here.

Read what Carla Arena, one of the moderators for EVO, has to say about these fabulous free online developmental opportunities.

There is so much else happening in 2012 in terms of CPD for teachers of EFL! Shelly Terrell from Teacher Reboot Camp has just written an indepth post on 20+ Free Professional Development opportunities, which are available for you to join now, or in the very near future. The choice is truly amazing!

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