Sunday, 22 January 2012

Project 366: An Image a Day for 2012

I have been uploading an image every day onto my new Project 366 Posterous blog in order to record my life in 2012. It's a great project, and I found out about it via my Personal Learning Network on Twitter, where else!! I enjoy viewing the images posted by my fellow bloggers such as Chiew, Anna, Sue and Mike amongst others....
Why is Project 366 such a great one? Well, it will be a record of my thoughts and actions in 2012, a place for adding things I maybe wouldn't normally write about on my main blog. I will have a useful bank of images to use for activities in class.

I like the way Posterous Design template adds all the pictures and posts on one page, so I have an overview of up to 16 posts per page. This is a very cool feature! The design template theme is by Cory Watilo.

Below you can listen to a Jing screencast I have just made, which explains this project a bit more.

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Chiew Pang said...

Great to see you keeping up, Jan! Can you believe it? 3 weeks already! I'm amassing a load of images as I've set myself the target of a minimum of 1/day, and most of the time I select several to load, but choose only 1/day for the summary on the blog, which I'll publish soon!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Chiew,

Thanks for popping by! You are doing a grand job with all your lovely images, ++ lesson ideas, which is a real bonus:-))

I look forward to seeing your Week 3 uploads. I might consider doing a weekly share, rather than daily. I'll see how it goes.

Chiew Pang said...

Mind you, I upload to my Flickr Project366 folder every day. My post is now up: Project 366: The Third Week

Janet Bianchini said...

Thanks for linking to your latest stunning images, Chiew. It's a really fun project and hopefully it will inspire others to take up the challenge. It's never too late to begin:-)