Monday, 19 March 2012

An Action-Packed First Day at IATEFL Glasgow Online

I was able to pop in and out of the IATEFL Glasgow Online site today to view what was happening, just as I would if I was actually in Glasgow myself!! Chatting briefly to fellow online attendees on the Glasgow Online Live Channel via LiveStream was very nice, and saying hi to people I know made me feel as if I was involved in the event.

The Glasgow Online Live Channel is open from 9am to 5pm with regular live interviews which are recorded, including all the plenaries, so they can be viewed around the clock by people who missed them the first time round. I was able to catch a part of the fascinating interview with Chia Suan this morning, who was talking about how her attitudes changed towards English as a Lingua Franca, and you can view it if you click on the link here.

Below you can see an image of Chia describing her feelings about ELF and how doing research on this subject changed her original views. Watch the excellent video interview to find out more!

You can also read about Chia Suan's views on English as a Lingua Franca in this interesting blog post where she plays Devil's Advocate Vs Vicki Hollet.

I missed the live interview with Nik Peachey, one of my Tech Gurus, so I have embedded it below for me to view at leisure. In the interview, Nik Peachey outlines his views on the way forward for schools to integrate technology.

Watch live streaming video from iateflonline at

You can view other interviews from today by simply clicking on the Glasgow Online Live Channel link.

If you click on the link here, you will have a complete overview of all the sessions by date and time. Tomorrow promises to be full of exciting presentations and workshops!

Tonight in Glasgow, there's a Karaoke evening for IATEFL conference-goers with a free drink on entry! Hope to hear all about it via Twitter, which is where I guess all the @iatefl online action is, and so I am heading there right now!!


Yulia Sergaeva said...

Hi Janet, I am here in Glasgow enjoying every minute of the conference! I am here with my colleague Tatiana from Saint Petersburg, she attended TESOL Italy in Rome back in November. Congratulations on being an official blogger of the conferencei ok, it is time for the first plenary speaker! Till later,
Yulia Sergaeva

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Yulia

How wonderful to read your comment here! I hope you have a fabulous time in Glasgow! I still remember your super presentation in Rome in 2010, and learned so much from you.

Enjoy the Adrian Underhill plenary. I am sure it will be fantastic.

Take care!


elizabeth_anne said...

Have you seen any pics yet?
I'm still hoping :-)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne

The only pics en masse I have seen so far are from the IATEFL media photo site, link below.

I have seen some on Twitter, but I am not sure if anyone is "curating" all the miscellaneous images from people who attended the conference. I'll keep a look out and then post a link on my blog!

All the best

J :-))