Thursday, 8 November 2012

Celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford!

Teaching pupils about cultural differences and making them aware of cultural diversity is an important part of the curriculum in British schools.  I would like to showcase an event which took place on November 5th at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, to celebrate and honour The Mexican Day of the Dead festival.  60 lucky pupils from six local Oxfordshire schools were invited to take part in the celebrations.

You can read more about this special event in the dedicated Oxford Brookes website page.
More information in the local Oxford Mail.

Thanks to my sister Giulietta for sending me this information today.  She was part of the Oxford University Brookes team who organised this hugely successful event. Well done to everyone!!
Below a fabulous and very colourful flickr slide show showing scenes from the Mexican Day of the Dead at Oxford Brookes.

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