Friday, 30 November 2012


Janet's Abruzzo Edublog is proud to announce its fourth birthday.  My blog has been going for four enjoyable years, and I hope to continue writing on it for many more years to come.  Last year I didn't celebrate, and I vowed I would in 2012, after reading this blog post by Natasa.

My blogging adventure started four years ago.  Since then, I have written and published over 400 posts, on a wide range of subjects.  These include teaching English to students and teachers, thoughts on educational technology matters, experiments with many Web 2.0 tools, and my own lesson ideas and materials. In addition, I have posted my opinions of the beautiful region of Abruzzo, where I am currently living.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all my readers and viewers. I feel incredibly honoured and humbled that viewers from 171 countries from around the world have at one time or another taken the time to read one of my posts. Below are screenshots taken just now of the different countries.  The first shows the top countries from the Clustrs list that is in my dashboard.

The second shows the countries where readers have visited occasionally:

Here you have a current view of the world map:

...and another view:

The most popular posts being viewed today include some which are over two years old!

Fun at the Lake is one of my most recent posts, and outlines some of the activties and lessons that I taught recently at the Lake School of English, Oxford.

Why do I blog? There are many reasons, but the most important ones are as follows:

  • to share my teaching ideas
  • to share my presentations and webinars
  • to share my experiments with using new tools
  • to reflect on my teaching
  • to reflect on my experience of online courses
  • to have a repository for my thoughts on teaching
  • to connect with teachers and educators from all over the world
  • to connect with my PLN
  • to write my personal reflections on conferences I attend
  • to write book reviews
  • to write about my life in Abruzzo
  • to connect with other bloggers via my sidebar
Once again I would like to say a very big .......

......... for reading my blog!! 


Betty C. said...

I just saw this come across Twitter...happy blogiversary! I have enjoyed your tweets and as a teacher/international exchange administrator who is just keeping her head above water, I keep wondering when I will take the EFL blogging plunge.

I kept up a "France" blog for over four years myself, just about the area I live in, and tired of focusing on that. But educational blogging somehow seems more daunting...

Anyway, have probably said too much already! Keep on keeping on and know that there are teachers out there who really admire teachers like you.

Maria Rosa said...

It's always a pleasure reading it.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Betty

Thank you very much for your kind wishes and words. It's teachers like you who motivate me to continue blogging, and having the chance to exchange viewpoints is one of the benefits of blogging.

Please DO give edublogging a try. You will find that it is no more difficult or daunting than writing a personal blog, which you already write. In fact, you have a lot of experience of general blog writing which will be invaluable for transfering to an educational context.

Just give it a go when you are ready, and I am sure you won't look back :-)

Well done to you, too, for keeping up a blog (s) for so long!!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Maria Rosa

Thank you for your lovely comment. Hope you are keeping well.

All the best!