Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Janet's 5 Picks of the Week

In an effort to kickstart some life into my blog which sufferered a bit last year due to my Project 366 blog taking almost complete control, I would like to start a new occasional series of posts on Janet's Abruzzo Edublog called 5 Picks of the week, or maybe month.  This occasional series will outline some of the blog posts which have caught my eye for one reason or another.

So with no more ado, here are 5 posts which I have enjoyed reading at the start of 2013.  I hope you agree with my choice.

P is for Pecha Kucha by Scott Thornbury

Because I always learn something new about methodology each time I read Scott's intriguing and very well- crafted posts. In this one there is an added element of a video of a Pecha Kucha presentation called 'The ABC of SLA'.  It is truly an excellent, concise history, which sums up thousands of words written on the subject in a very easy and digestible format.  This is a classic, and I have duly bookmarked it in order to highlight to teachers in future teacher training sessions.

Head over to An A- Z of ELT to read more in-depth posts on methodology and teaching techniques.

5 Educational Trends for 2013  by Nicky Hockly

It's good to keep up with what is happening in technology trends by reading whatever is available on the subject. This post is written by a leading technology expert and it is an authoritative and insightful guide to 5 cool educational trends for 2013.  It has made me curious to explore the concept of BYOD and MOOCS, amongst others. I really enjoyed viewing the Project Glass video.

Head over to e-moderation station to view more helpful posts on the practical use of technology and tips on e-moderation.

26 Ways to use Comics in the Classroom and 5 Free Tools for Creating Comics by Richard Byrne

I am fascinated by anything to do with comics and cartoons and this post is a classic one to re-read and enjoy.  It contains a lot of factual information on this subject and has made me want to create even more comics this year!!

 Head over to Free Technology for Teachers to read more cutting-edge posts on the latest educational technology tools, resources and apps.

The comic below was just created with Witty Comics and highlights some of my thoughts of today.  One of them is of course, a dream situation.  Can you guess which one??

Please click on the image to enlarge it in order to view the mini dialogues.

The Big Bear, Online Learning and Connections by Carla Arena
I am very interested in online learning and moderating.  I believe Carla gets right to the heart of what it is really like at the beginning of a new course for someone who has not done an online course before. I recognised how nervous I felt when I took my very first online course with the Consultants-E in 2008.The analagy of the Big Bear representing one's fear of the unknown is a very apt one.

Head over to Collablogatorium for more inspiring posts on educational technology and other topics of great interest.

By the way, if you are brave enough to want to see real bears, then you must come to Abruzzo, where there are 40 roaming around!!

Forget about learners, let's hear it for the teachers! by Ken Wilson

It's important to remember that we as teachers usually have a huge influence over our students' lives and involvement in their studies.  Ken Wilson points out that this is sometimes forgotten in favour of focusing on the learner and their needs. It made me feel happy that someone has written a heartfelt post in defence of teachers who often devote themselves tirelessly to the teaching cause.  It is just reassuring to know that we as a body are appreciated!!

Head over to Ken Wilson's blog for more fascinating posts about teaching, teachers and practical lesson ideas.

Fun Jigsaw Review
Below is a jigsaw puzzle created with Jigsaw Planet consisting of the key words which make up this post.  To play, simply click on the "Scatter" Tools button  on the bottom left, and the pieces of the puzzle will automatically scatter ready for you to put the jigsaw pieces together. Can you beat my time of 26 seconds???

Have fun!


Carla arena said...

Dear Janet, thank you for the mention and for the inspiration of such great collection of posts that are a true treasure for our educational community.

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Carla

It is my great pleasure to include a mention of your fab post to the 5 links I have selected.

I am inspired so much by everyone in the educational community, and it is great to share such links with all my readers :-)