Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Guest Blogger: Steve Dembo fromTeach42?

Hi everyone!

As you know, my "Virtual Classroom" that I have created for my PLN consists of sites from my "Sidebar Gurus". The past few weeks, I have been conscientiously studying and reading all the information which appears every day. My pedagogical life has changed dramatically since setting up my very own, unique PLN. For me, it's an excellent concept.

I re-read Steve Dembo's Teach42 Day Seven Challenge re inviting a Guest Blogger and I decided I would like to invite him to be my very first "Guest Blogger" especially as the idea originated from reading his posting on the subject. Of course, I had no idea whether he would be able to accept my invitation or not, and so, with a herd of proverbial butterflies tripping the light fantastic all over the inside of my stomach (or in plain English, "with butterflies in my stomach"), my hand hovered over the "Submit" button for a few seconds. I asked myself "Do I do it or not? If he says yes, that would be wonderful. If he says no, then no problem. I would understand completely as I can imagine he has such a busy schedule". So with these thoughts rushing through my mind, I DID it. I pressed that button. Is the rest history???

I will leave you now to guess what Steve's answer was. I think you'll have to read my next posting to find out.....

The picture of me above shows me at home in Italy at an academic meeting via Skype with the Lake School of English based in Oxford , England.

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