Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Web 2.0" Videos

I am currently doing an online workshop with EVO (Electronic Village Online) on "Digifolios and Personal Spaces". I came across this site when delving deep into my "Sidebar Gurus" blog postings and I found the information in a comment. I must admit, that I followed the link to the course and got so excited by it, that I lost track of where I found it. I will amend as soon as I retrieve my steps!!

Anyway, the course is fantastic and I am learning lots. The course is hosted on "ning", which is a new Social Networking site for me. I was amazed that the CEO of Ning is Gina BIANCHINI. However, she isn't related to me as far as I know. I will ask her somehow or other about her background as I'd love to know where her Bianchini roots originate from!

Here is a video about "Ning" presented by Gina Bianchini.

I'm onto a "roll" this evening concerning embedding videos. It's very good practice for me as I'm not very good at it!! Anyway, here goes.

In my "Digifolios" course, I have just come across a really useful video called "Web 2.0 in just under 5 Minutes". It was made by Assistant Professor Michael Wesch, (the coolest man on the planet) working alone from his house in St George, Kansas. He used CamStudio for the screen captures and Sony Vegas for the panning/cropping/zooming animations.

The Machine is US/ing US

What do you think of the two videos I have shared with you?
As always, I'd really appreciate your comments...

Bye for now.

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