Monday, 18 January 2010

A Combination of Courses

I am enjoying my Electronic Village Online Images4Education course and Moodle4Teachers course. The PhotoPeach video below achieves two objectives. Firstly, I have used my own photos except for one from the Internet- can you guess which one is not mine? Secondly, I have created a simple gardening quiz for my Moodle for Gardening and Cooking course, that I am currently developing with the help of my 3 lovely coursemates from Canada, Canary Islands and USA. I was inspired by Ana Maria Menezes' posting on PhotoPeach Quizzes here.

Have a go at my quiz! It was very easy to create.

Gardening Quiz on PhotoPeach

How did you get on? I would welcome your feedback!


popps said...

er, photo.... the lavender?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Well done! I did not take this photo. I found it on Google images.

Janet Bianchini said...

Ps Sorry!! I clicked too quickly. "Anonymous" is me!!

Note to self- that was a bit careless of me. I must be more careful with my clickings in future. I don't want any bother with the bots again!!

Mike Harrison said...

I'm fine with lavender, almonds and pumpkins. Need to work on my Latin names of plants though :(

Well done! How long did it take to make that video/quiz?

Carmel said...

Gorgeous pics (it's rather grey here in Oxford at the moment).
And well done!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Mike

The quiz itself didn't take me long to create on PhotoPeach at all, maybe approx 5 minutes. I had to spend a few minutes beforehand planning which photos to upload from my pictures folder on my computer. I thought up some questions and then I followed Sue Water's and AnaMaria Menezes's excellent step by step instructions (as mentioned on my posting) and it was really as easy as ABC.

There is a choice of music which you can select to accompany the quiz. I initially chose the Restaurant - themed music, but soon changed it to this current one.

Hi Carmel

Thanks for popping by. Great to see you here!! Likewise look forward to seeing you very soon.

Natasa said...

Hey, I only had two wrong answers. I am proud of myself.
Great quiz. I am useless at gardening, but I love herbs and herbal teas.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Natasa
Thanks for trying out the quiz. It was a bit of fun really and I did it to include in my Mooodle for Gardening course. I am glad you enjoyed it!!

I love herbs as well and I throw lots of parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage into whatever I am cooking. I keep these herbs in pots right outside the kitchen for ease of picking. The smell of fresh herbs is wonderful.