Monday, 11 January 2010

For Janet's Eyes Only- an Interview with Nicole K

Starting in September last year, I looked through and commented on various new student blogs from America and Australia as a direct result of the Student Blogging Challenge - Better Comments, which Sue Waters from the Edublogger organised here. The standard was very high and at such a young age, I was so impressed with how the pupils organised their new blogs. I had great fun reading through the posts and leaving comments as often as I could. It was a learning curve for me, too. I wanted to see how class blogs were organised and also wanted to help young new bloggers on their learning path by encouraging them with positive and helpful comments.

A Very Special Interview
I have great pleasure in showcasing an interview with Nicole K, a student from Moran Middle School in USA. I first met Nicole via her delightful "Welcome to NIKKI'S" Blog which was one of the blogs I was assigned to on the Student Blogging Challenge. I first commented on Nicole's blog on September 10th 2009 on this post called The Perfect Classroom. Over the months since then, I have followed Nicole in her progress as a blogger and she has done brilliantly. With her kind permission, this is an interview we have arranged about the film Nicole has made recently for a school project on her hero Johnny Clem.

Please click on "For Janets Eyes Only" to see the full interview. I would like to congratulate Nicole for her fantastic development as a blogger. For someone who only started blogging a few months ago, she has made remarkable progress.

I include the link to Nicole's fantastic SchoolTube video below because I am sure you will want to view it again.

Thank you very much Nicole for agreeing to be interviewed by me. Good luck with your future blogging. I look forward to reading more of your posts. You are a natural!

All the best


Shelly Terrell said...


This is a wonderful interview! I'm from San Antonio and learned something new!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Shelly

Thank you for popping by. I just asked Nicole the questions and she did all the lovely layout of the answers on her blog. She has done so well, hasn't she?


Hi Janet,

Really lovely video -thanks for sharing it and enjoyed the interview with Nicole, she's one clever girl!

What fun the challenge must have been, good on you for supporting young bloggers.

Take care,

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Karenne

Thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed being a part of the commenting challenge and I learned a lot too.

Take care
J x