Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lathyrus Apenninus

Photo above copied from article below
A new plant has been discovered in Abruzzo! It is a member of the leguminacea family and it has been christened "Lathyrus Apenninus". This species of flower has never been seen before and it was discovered by the Apennine Floral Research Centre in the Abruzzo National Park of Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga.
In addition, a new type of Delphinium has also recently been discovered. Please click here to read the article in full, which is in from the Abruzzo "Il Centro" newspaper.

Here is a link to my WikiEducator page that I am developing on the theme of Abruzzo. I started it last year during my excellent WikiEducator course and I hope to add to it in 2010. It is a collection of links connected to the beautiful region of Abruzzo, where I live. My home is just within the National Park area and I am surrounded by wild and spectacular rugged scenery.

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popps said...

That's brilliant - did they discover it today?!!!!!?
ps Dillay says thnx.