Sunday, 11 July 2010


I almost gave up writing my blog in the early days. I was writing to my heart's content in what seemed to be a void. I had no idea if anyone was reading a word, and at one stage, I felt a bit down about it. Here is a post I wrote on 19th November 2008. As you can see, the tone is a reflective one. I was almost on the verge of giving up. I am soooo glad I persevered!

Today I realised that I am undergoing a classic beginner's moment of self-doubt. I began with great panache but somehow I seem to have got a bit lost in a dark wood like Dante in the Divine Comedy. Basically, I can't see the wood for the trees. The photo above taken just a few minutes from where I live is nice and clear - that is how I'd like to feel about what I am doing with blogging. There are so many excellent articles re blogging like for example: which has been written to help people exactly like me. However, the great "digital divide" is rearing its ugly head: those who know and can and those who want to know but can't quite get there! You can imagine which side of the dividing line I belong to. Having taught Beginner level many times during my life, I know that it is easy for some learners to get worried about their progress when it is not fast enough and the classic "me class higher" syndrome is a desire to run before they can walk. Well, I'd be happy with simply "walking" at this particular moment! Anyway, I will end this rather gloomy posting on a higher and more positive note. I will endeavour to listen to all the kind words of encouragement that I have received and I will not give up quite yet.....

Clustr Maps
Then I found out about ClustrMaps. The idea of knowing where any potential readers were from, intrigued me, and so I installed it in December 2008. Here is an excellent guide on Adding ClustrMaps to Your Blog Sidebar Using a Text Widget by Sue Waters from the Edublogger. It was so exciting to see that I was not in fact writing to myself. As the red dots increased showing countries from all around the world, it made me feel very happy. The idea that someone in Fiji or Malaysia, Kenya, Panama, Uruguay, Jamaica or Lithuania, to name some of the 100+ countries currently represented by the dots, has taken the time to view my blog, even if for only a second, is a wonderful feeling.

I would like to say a big thank you to all my readers. The counter has just passed the 10,000 mark!! I am absolutely amazed. It is lovely to share my thoughts with you all. I hope I will continue to be inspired to write my blog, and at the same time, I hope you will also be inspired. The biggest lesson I have discovered about writing a blog is that it is all about learning and sharing. This involves being connected to fellow educators from around the globe. This in turn has helped me to develop both personally and professionally. It's also about doing something I love with passion. Blogging has been a life-changing experience.


Bodach said...

10,000 - well done! That's worth celebrating with a prosecco or your favourite tipple.

I suspect many bloggers feel that they are getting nowhere fast but often great positive strides are being made.

The quality bar rises and the number of readers/comments increases with it.

This red dot is glad you didn't give up.

Janet Bianchini said...


Thank you so much for popping by!

I'll reserve the Prosecco for when I get back to Abruzzo in 11 days time.

popps said...

10,000 i'm well impressed.
Well done.