Saturday, 10 July 2010

TESOL-Italy: 35th National Convention in Rome, November 2010

"Language Flows" image above is from TESOL-Italy's home page here.

My wish has come true! I will be presenting a talk in Rome in November at TESOL-Italy's 35th National Convention. The theme for the conference will be "Language Flows". I was very happy to receive the news yesterday. I vowed last year when I attended TESOL-Italy's 34th National Convention that I wanted to return as a presenter in 2010. I had an amazing time in Rome last November and I wrote a summary of it called "TESOL-Italy 2009."

I am looking forward to preparing for my talk very much. Hopefully I will meet some of the members of my PLN and also make more friends. I see this opportunity as a great challenge for my professional development. It will be very exciting.

Dresden Kolloquium: 1982

The last time I presented at a big conference was in 1982 in Dresden, in the former German Democratic Republic. I was a very young teacher back in those days! I vividly remember the occasion and it was a fantastic experience. There were about 200 delegates from all over the GDR and I was the second presenter on the first day. I had my 15 minutes of fame talking about "The Role Of Visual Aids at Elementary Level". 28 years later, I would still say the same things about the use of visuals and realia, but of course, with the age of digital technology, the format and mode of instruction has changed considerably.


Leahn Stanhope said...

Congratulations! Well done on your proposal being accepted. You've motivated me to think of a proposal for the next convention here in Spain!

Thanks Janet

Janet Bianchini said...

Thank you Leahn for your lovely message of support.

It's great if this post has inspired you to go for it as well. I think it will be fantastic for our Continuing Personal/Professional Development (CPD). Best of luck!