Friday, 20 August 2010

My Top 5 Blog Posts for Reflection

Summer has been hectic and continues apace. Life in Abruzzo is full of gardening and animal tales, in addition to surfing the vast online Information Highway. Information comes in, is logged by my brain, digested and then is dutifully filed away in my memory bank somewhere.

There are 5 blog posts I have read recently, which I would like to highlight here, because they have resonated with me in some particular way. The eyecatching titles did not disappoint. These posts are full of personal thoughts, and practical insights. I hope you enjoy reading them, too.

Multitasking or "making a hole in the water" by Marisa Constantinides is a great piece which acts as a catalyst for reflection on what modern 21st century educators have to deal with on a regular basis. It is good to share such thoughts as we are all in the same boat and can help one another, just by listening and commenting.

10 More Twitter Faux Pas To Avoid When Building Your PLN by Sue Lyons-Jones is an essential read to guide you through the pitfalls on twitter. It's a very useful guideline to bear in mind for all tweeters.

Boomerangs:No blog post ever really goes to waste by Jason Renshaw.
I really like the encouraging message it contains about the worth of writing posts which may not receive views or hits at the time of writing, but which may certainly be appreciated in the future.

I enjoyed reading Vuvuzela Enters Oxford Dictionary of English by Jeffrey Hill from the English Blog. I am presenting at TESOL-Italy in November this year and my talk will be based on the theme of "Language Flows". I have already begun my research into my presentation, and am keeping tracks of useful links such as this one.

A Glossary to DEMYSTIFY the jargon of the online world by Sue Waters is an incredibly useful post to bookmark for learning about specific words used online.

A Fearless Kitten
I will leave you with a picture of little Samantha, who bravely took on 5 chickies today and managed to scare them away.....butter wouldn't melt, eh?


popps said...

You keep an eye on that cat, she'll eat your chickens!

Janet Bianchini said...

Oooh! I don't think so. She's too cute and tiny to be eating chickens!!

She tried to catch the bat that's been flying around our house the past 2 nights, but it was too fast and high up for her. Luckily it's now gone.