Tuesday, 24 August 2010

ProProfs Quiz maker

I have just created a free quiz using ProProfs Quiz Maker. I registered with my name and a password and then I followed the options available. I had fun doing it. Why don't you have a go and test your knowledge of Abruzzo? One of the questions is about centenarians. There is a clue to the question here.

This is just a personal experiment for me to see how ProProfs Quiz Maker works. It will be great for creating lots of different types of quizzes in the future, and it is very easy to embed on a blog and other social networking sites. I believe it is possible to embed images and videos into the quizzes as well, so I will definitely need to investigate further. My first attempt is a very simple one indeed.

Has anyone used this programme before? Would you recommend using it with your students? I would love to hear from you!


popps said...

Hey i still got a certificate!
I must confess i guessed - and did very badly.

Janet Bianchini said...

That's great that you did the quiz - thanks for giving it a go. The certificate is really nice isn't it?

dlrmx said...

i did...and score 100%

i live in civitaquana.... ;)

thanks for the blog...really nice..im proud of my region...

Janet Bianchini said...


Thank you for taking the quiz! Congratulations on scoring 100%.