Thursday, 12 August 2010

Welcome to Samantha's World!

Gorgeous Samantha in her new home

The mother cat was lying lifeless in the middle of the road. The tiny kitten was trying deperately to cross the busy road to get to its mother. Car after car narrowly avoided running her over. A car pulled up. Valentina got out quickly and assessed the frightening situation. She had to rescue this little kitten immediately, come what may. Without hesitating, she grabbed the little bundle of fur and put it into her car and drove her off to safety.

Curious Samantha

A few days after this dramatic rescue, K asked me to view an Internet ad regarding rehousing a little kitten. It had been found abandoned in the middle of a busy road and taken to a rescue home. Now this kitten needed a permanent abode. I read the pitiful story, took one look at the photos and said "Let's ring the number right now!"

Picture of Samantha in her new garden

Valentina answered her mobile. I said "I'm ringing about the little kitten you found abandoned. Could we please see her?" Valentina agreed to meet us in Catignano and then come to our house to check that we had a suitable place to take care of the kitten.
It was love at first sight. How anyone could abandon such a sweet, fluffy creature was beyond my imagination. As soon as Valentina viewed our "garden" and house, she said we had the perfect place to house the kitten and she was satisfied that we would look after her.

We invited Valentina in and she told us more about her passionate voluntary work for looking after abandoned animals and relocating them. She has been doing this for many years. The local region used to fund this type of rehousing and after care, but then funds were abruptly stopped. Valentina and about 40 dedicated volunteers, decided to carry on their stirling work using their own initiative and their own funds. I don't think Abruzzo has an organization like the RSPCA, so volunteers like Valentina and her colleagues are to be highly applauded for their selfless work in saving and protecting abandoned animals.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Valentina from Samantha. Without you rescuing her in such a dramatic fashion, she wouldn't be here with us now. She is settling down very quickly and she is an extremely happy and adorable kitten. She has not yet made friends with the rest of our menagerie. Hopefully, all 11 will live together amicably.

For the time being, Samantha has taken to perching on the back of my chair while I am working on the computer. A real "laptop" cat!!

Our Little Bundle of Fun Being Weighed!

Kelly Update
Kelly has been undergoing treatment for the past 2 weeks and he is doing very well. I wrote about what happened in True Hero. He is a very brave dog and has borne all his injections and administering of antibiotics with great calmness and patience. He is on the road to recovery, but he still needs extra care and attention for the forseeable future.


Dominique said...

Nice blog!
Your kitten is extremely adorable! That's a heartwarming rescue story! I wish I had a kitten but I can't because I already have three wonderful dogs.
Best of luck to Kelly on her speedy recovery!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Dominique

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for commenting on Samantha's story.

I will pass on your best wishes to Kelly, who continues to make good progress. He is desperate to join in with Sofia and Isabella (my 2 other dogs) when they go for their walks. He has to rest a lot at the moment.

Many best wishes


Valentina said...

I'm really very happy to see Samantha's pictures, she's so cute! You found a beautiful name and it's clear she's fine with you!! I've cried when I read your post! It's almost impossible to find a good adoption in so few days and, above all, at the first call! I can say it's one of the better adoption I made, if not the best!
Best of luck to Kelly!
Greetings to you, your partner and all the animals, also Nikita & Ciquita! :-)


PS I hope my english is understandable!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Valentina

It's lovely to hear from you today!

Samantha is doing very well and she is very happy. She has already caught her first mouse, and she finds the chickens fascinating. She loves playing and sleeping on our laps. She is growing very quickly and she is a delight to have around us.

Thank you so much for writing your kind words about the adoption. We are so happy that we were the first ones to call you that day. It was a real pleasure to meet you, and let's keep in touch. You are doing a marvellous job.

Your English is very understandable. :)

Best wishes


Lots of love from Samantha xx

Natasa said...

Oooh, she is so cute. Those huge clever eyes! What a great story, Janet. My heart goes to Valentina for doing what she does and making this world a better place.
I am glad Kelly is on his way to recovery.

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Natasa

It is lovely to "see" you again!! I hope you are keeping well.

Yes, I agree, the Valentinas of this world and her co-volunteers are to be highly praised.

Samantha is a little bundle of fun and I can't keep her away from the computer! I have to stop her from biting through my cables. Hopefully it's only a phase and she'll grow out of it :)

Thank you for asking after Kelly. He is leading a very calm life at the moment and his injury is healing very well.

Take care


Leahn said...

Hi Janet,

Congrations on your new addition! She looks sweet. I love a happy ending.

Glad Kelly is on the mend.

Our latest foster dog has gone to Germany so we are back to five and three.

Take Care


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Leahn

Samantha sends you her love!

Thanks for asking after Kelly. He is growing stronger by the day and has started chasing after apples again. He even lets Sammy play with his tail and it doesn't bother him.

You are now back to 5 and 3 - that's a lot to look after :). They are very lucky animals to have you taking care of them so well!

All the best