Sunday, 2 January 2011

An Idiomatic Story - Part 2: The Return of the Lost Soul

Part 1 of this evolving digital story began here.

As he approached the bar in the tiny Abruzzo village, he paused for a moment and savoured the smells of cooking wafting across the terracotta rooftops. He was so hungry he could eat a horse, or a chicken or two.

Coming towards him was the most stunningly beautiful cat he had ever set eyes upon. The cat's eyes bored into him and made him feel uncomfortable. He looked away, full of remorse.

Bar del Principe was within a cat's whisker. He was absolutely penniless, without a bean to his name, but he was hoping the barman's daughter would take pity on him and forgive him if he gave her one of his devastatingly charming smiles.

He opened the door and walked in, slowly. The few customers drinking their Grappa Julia stopped and stared, mouths wide open in utter amazement. It was as if they had seen a ghost. "Non e possibile!! Frederick!! Ma... che fai qui???? We thought you had been kidnapped and.... .....", their voices trailed off in disbelief.

Frederick sought the eyes of the ravishingly beautiful Isabella behind the bar. She had just made a fresh Tiramisu and a jar of Kaki jam and was busily arranging the food on the counter.

"Mia cara Isabella.....," he began tentatively, hoping against all hope that she would find it in her heart to forgive him for abandoning her in such an ungallant and ungentlemanly fashion the year before.

Isabella's heart skipped 2 beats and her face turned as white as a sheet. She had been obliged to put her shoulder to the wheel in order to keep the wolf from the door, ever since that fateful, terrible day in December.

Mia cara, Isabella???

To be continued.....whenever I get inspired again

Being a relaxing Sunday afternoon, I decided to challenge myself to continue the story I had begun a short while ago.

Firstly, I made a Tiramisu and then a small jar of kaki jam (Persimmon). I wanted to somehow include these two things into the story.

Secondly, I wanted to involve some idioms I had found on blogs and I came across 2 in Ken Wilson's blog in the comments section to Guest post 16 by Emma Herrod. If you scroll down the comments, it is number 23! A fabulous example of 3 idioms in one sentence. When I saw them for the first time I knew I had to use them in a story. So thank you Ken for the inspiration! Also, thanks to Scott Thornbury for the push for me to make the persimmon jam (kaki in Italian) today as a result of his message and lovely image of persimmons on Twitter.

Thirdly, I thought to myself, why not kill 2 birds with one stone by adding to the story for me to use in my presentation for Iatefl Brighton in April.

Fourthly, Barbara Sakamoto's inspiring post on 2011:Challenge: Become a Beginner (again) motivated me a lot.

Finally, I am getting myself to do what I usually ask my students to do, and this is a fresh perspective for me and a real challenge for 2011.

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