Saturday, 9 July 2011

Janet's Top Scoop.its!! has recently caught my eye on Twitter. It's a news aggregating tool where you can pick and choose your favourite resources on a theme (from blogs, Twitter, videos etc), and then a newspaper is generated for you. You become the "curator" of your favourite topic. It's a very clever idea, and the results are quite stunning. Have a look at this! video below and see if you fancy becoming a curator? looks professional and easy to organise. I am thinking of setting one up soon and will post it here when it's done.

Did you know that "curation tools" are set to become the next big thing??? I certainly didn't know that! Read this article by Mashable in which 4 of the top curating tools are analysed. If you have always wanted to be a curator of your favourite topic or hobby, what are you waiting for??? Get curating with!! Come to think of it. What am I waiting for?

Janet's Top Scoop.its!
Here are my top picks of the moment. You can also suggest topics and links on people's Scoop. its! so that is a great tool for sharing information and for building up a nice repertoire of lesson ideas.

Nik Peachey is the curator of Tools for Learners - a great collection of web based tools.

Brad Patterson has put together a fantastic collection of PLN interviews, and Dave Dodgson is the creator and curator of the PLN Interviews...who's next?

Patrick Jackson is the curator of a fabulous selection of posts - Pre-Primary and Primary ELT which are perfect for Primary school teachers of English. I will definitely be showing this one to my 2 groups of Primary school teachers at the Lake School of English in Oxford.

Mike Harrison has done an awesome job of curating all the posts referring to IATEFL Brighton 2011 conference. It is great to have everything all under one roof. Now I can easily read the top posts about the conference.

Sharon Hartle curates a very useful collection of posts suitably called Inspiration for tired teachers. You will have a huge bank of ideas and resources to jazz up your teaching skills.

Shaun Wilden is the curator of #ELTChat - this is a fab collection of the weekly ELTChat topics that are discussed on Twitter every Wednesday.

Sue Lyons-Jones has a Dogme ELT collection of super articles if you are keen to find out more about how to teach "unplugged".

I am sure you will find some real gems amongst these specially chosen Scoop.its.

Happy reading!

PS See if you can spot some of my posts in the Scoop.its!!

Below is a vertical version of my new comic created with Pixton. I'm not sure which style I prefer so have included both styles :-)


Brad said...

Hey Janet-

Come stai oggi ?

Thanks for the mention. The interviews have been a blast, and it was actually Dave Dodgson that pulled the scoopit together. A more dynamic/concise format.

Hope ur well. Hugs, b

Janet Bianchini said...

Ciao Brad

Thanks so much for pointing out it's Dave's -I've now edited the link to include this fact!

I'm just waiting to receive my invitation from before I start my very own collection.

Hope you are well, too.

Saluti cari


Sharon Hartle said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for the mention :-) Scoop.Itnis great, isn't it, and the potential for classroom use.... Well, thatnwill be the next thing.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Sharon

You are right about what can be done with Scoop. it! Definitely exciting times ahead!


Sue Lyon-Jones said...

Hi Janet,

Cheers for the mention of my dogme! I spotted your comment and left a reply :-)

Send me a DM if you are still waiting for a invite and I'll send you one of mine.

Sue :-)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for your kind offer and comment! As you can see in my latest post the invite's come in and I've been busy ever since!

Janet :-)