Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Scoop.it - Comics and Cartoons for RSCON3

Scoop.it cartoon created with www.writecomics.com

My first curation of comics and cartoons for my webinar at the Reform Symposium at the end of July via Scoop.it has been a painless and relatively easy affair. I decided to create this topic to make it easy to give any potential attendees a list of internet resources all under one roof.

My special dedicated Scoop.it site is called Comics and Cartoons. I am very proud to be one of the many Reform Symposium presenters.

An Original Deadline
I now need to get cracking on the actual presentation itself!! I didn't realise that there were so many resources available on this particular theme of comics and cartoons in education. How on earth can I make my presentation truly original?? This is a question that will be dominating my thoughts over the coming days. I always perform quite well under pressure and I like to work within deadlines, so I am confident that everything will be ok!!

Eye-catching Scoop.its!
Scoop.it caught my eye when I came across Nik Peachey's curation of Learning Technology recently. That encouraged me to look into it and I then discovered a whole range of other educators who have begun curating all sorts of different topics. I wrote about this discovery in my previous post Janet's Top Scoop.its.

I have recently found a very interesting collection of posts which deal specifically with Web Content and Digital Curation.

Tara Benwell has created a Scoop.it to promote her new book, "The Proper Order of Things". I think this is a truly excellent idea!

You can get more information from the Scoop.it blog home page and from this informative presentation below.

More Ideas?

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