Sunday, 24 July 2011

Joey - RIP

The news from Abruzzo came totally out of the blue today. Joey my faithful companion and beloved mascot has sadly passed away, and is now at peace. He had reached the grand old age of 14. I am over a thousand miles away from where he is, but my thoughts are with him. He is buried near one of his olive trees and my vegetable plot.

Feline Confidence
Joey was the best cat you could ever wish for and I will miss him. I owe a lot to him. My technology integration history began with him nearly 3 years ago. He kind of gave me the confidence I used to lack. I felt it was ok to hide behind his lovely face in the picture you can view above. As you can see, I am hanging onto him for dear life. He was very dependable in that respect.

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A Virtual Jet-setter
Joey has featured in many of my lessons and blog posts. Let Sleeping Cat Lie is one of my favourite blog posts ever. He became quite an international virtual jet-setter. He adapted to his new life in Abruzzo and I can say that he was truly happy there. Lizards, mice, grasshoppers and all manners of wildlife kept him on his paws, and he availed himself freely of their services and often took advantage of their lack of agility. He allowed two Italian cats to take over his territory and ever the quintessential British gentleman cat, he welcomed them into his countryside abode. He even befriended the chickens, and they often eyed each other up with mutual interest. The dogs treated him with the respect he fully deserved. During the latter part of his life, he was even keeping a watchful eye over Fluffy, the latest and most recent addition to the growing menagerie.

We will miss his presence. Life will inevitably move on, as that is the natural order of things. He will remain in my heart as a most loyal pet and companion.

Cat Poetry

A Cat's Prayer to Bast

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to Bast my soul to keep,
I pray to Bast my soul to take,
And transport it to the sandy lands
Where my forbears worshipped were,
Where my ancient kin were much revered
And where the cat first learned to purr.

As I pad on velvet feet
I pray Bast will give me mice to eat,
And as I use my litter tray
I ask that she will find me play,
In her bright heaven where all cats,
Are stroked by Bast's most blessed hands,
And bask and gambol in her care,
Remembering Egypt's ancient sands.

As I knead upon your knees,
I hope that Bast is greatly pleased
To see her child at rest and play,
Fed and cared for every day,
And when I reach that glorious place
And gaze upon her feline face,
I'll ask that Bast will grant you grace
To join me in eternal play.

Author Unknown


Sharon Hartle said...

So sorry to hear about Joey, Janet, but the best thing is to do what you are doing... Remembering all the best moments.

Sharon :-(

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Sharon

Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I certainly have so many happy memories of Joey.

I'll be posting more photos of him, which I haven't published before, so do watch this space :-)

Leahn said...

Hi Janet,

Sorry to hear about Joey. It never gets easier loosing a fur friend. I hope you remember the good times and cherish them!


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Leahn

Thank you for your kind words of sympathy re Joey. He was the most lovable and gentle cat, and luckily I have lots of lovely photos to remember him by.

Hope you and furkids are all keeping well :-)