Sunday, 11 January 2015

EVO Crafting the ePerfect Session - Week One Introduction - Tips and Digital Literacy

I am delighted to be one of the moderators of the 'Crafting eTextbooks' Electronic Village Online 2015 sessions.   I have the great pleasure of helping to moderate Week One together with my fellow team members Shelly Terrell, (Creator), Ozge Karaoglu, Debbie Tebovich, Michelle Worgan, Jason Levine and Jennifer Vershsoor!  It is already promising to be an awesome experience, and if you would like to join us for this session, or of course any other of the Electronic Village Online 2015 sessions, you still can!  It begins in earnest today on Monday January 12th!

My personal journey with publishing ebooklets

I have been creating personal ebooklets for a few years now and would like to showcase some of my favourite ones.

My Top 3 digital formats to publish my presentations, lessons and documents are:


Usually I do my preliminary drafts in a Word document, and then I publish to a PDF format, before uploading to the sites above.  I also use Powerpoint to create slides which can be easily converted to Slideshare.

As these presentations are 'in the cloud' they are easily accessible whenever I need them from any computer and this makes it very easy to locate them.


Below my very first simple digital e-story called A Fable of Sorts, uploaded to Slideshare:

A Fable Of Sorts from Janet Bianchini

I later created a more complex digital story highlighting the use of idioms with web 2.0 tools, as seen below:

I created a promotional flyer for my Idiomatic Love Story by adding some information to Glogster, an interactive poster making tool.

You can click on the 2 heart-shaped audio tabs to hear a little bit about this dramatic love story between Frederick and Isabella!  You can view the Glog in bigger format by clicking on it below.

My 2014 EVO session 3-2-1 poster introduction using Glogster can be viewed HERE:


I like Youblisher for its very quick and easy publishing options and I have created digital ebooklets to use with my students, and presentation materials for econferences as seen in the 4 examples below.  Please click on each image icon to be taken directly to the clickable ebooklet:

Language in Motion: Teaching with the Flow: Presentation

Language Flows

 Teaching Idioms with Web 2.0 Tools: Prersentation

Teaching Idioms Effectively with Web 2.0 Tools

The Man with the Golden Voice: Lesson plan

The Man with the Golden Voice

The Cat that got the Cream: Lesson plan

The Cat That Got The Cream

A Romantic Love Story
On the occasion of my parents' anniversary in 2010, I published a small ebooklet to celebrate it.  I wrote about their very special love story and sent a link to the family as a souvenir. They were able to click the pages to read the story.  I also printed it out to give to my parents as a personal memento.  I hope to create another ebooklet to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary later this year, and again I will use a digital format and update it to reflect the events of the past 60 years.

1955: The Look of Love

1955 - The Look of Love

I have used this publishing tool Issuu with student projects for a while now, and it is simple to use, by uploading your pdf file and then a clickable ebooklet is created within a very short time.  Your publications can be kept in stacks for ease of reference.  This is one of my ebooklets below, based on a webinar presentation:

Janet's TOP 5 TIPS for publishing your stories, texts and documents in an ebooklet format!

Remember the following:

I hope you find these resources helpful for crafting your future ebooklet.


Natasa said...

Dear Janet,

What a great and informative post! I love your choice of tools and you did great things with them, creating your stories. I might choose Slideshare for my chapter this year.

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Natasa

Thank you so much for your kind comment here. I always appreciate your feedback :-) Using slideshare to showcase your chapter to th world sounds like an xcellent idea. Go for it!!