Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The EVOlution of Jan!

I am honoured and delighted to be invited by Dr Nellie Deutsch to present at the Bi-monthly webinar WiZiq sessions held by IATEFL YLT Sig.  I have created a brand new session for this meeting and will also present it at Connecting Online 2015 econference in February.

This talk is about how my life has been transformed by the TESOL Electronic Village Online yearly sessions that I have been attending regularly, since 2009.  It has been a transformational journey of liberating learning opportunities, exciting experiments with new tools, and  inspirational encounters with the wonderful groups of moderators, and participants from each of the sessions.

This special presentation is my personal and heartfelt ............

......... to everyone who has been involved with the sessions I have attended as a participant, and most recently for the past two years, as a member of the moderating team for the EVO Crafting the Perfect eTextbook session.

I aim to outline what I have personally learned from participating in these sessions and hopefully this will encourage more people to join and attend in future years.  The Electronic Village Online sessions are usually held for five weeks in January - February each year.  They are open to teachers from around the world and a huge variety of topics are discussed and explored.

I have recorded my thoughts and experiences on all the EVO sessions I have ever attended in this blog, and it constitutes a learner's diary, an evolving journey of exploration and enlightenment!  You can click on the EVO tags below the post, and you will be taken to my blog posts, and feedback on each of the sessions.

Webinar Update:
Thanks very much to all the attendees of my webinar (16).  I really enjoyed the session, and here is a screenshot from the webinar at the end.

A very special thanks goes to Dr Nellie Deutsch for being such a fabulous moderator, adding all the URLs and links as they came up, and for dealing with all the chatbox comments in such an expert manner. 

All my links have now been posted on a special wiki page I have created, called CO15 Links and ResourcesHERE.
Link to RECORDING: YLT Webinar: The EVOlution of Jan!The recording lasts just over one hour, so I do hope you will view it!

I tried to join in with the chat as much as possible, as this is a part of doing webinars which is so much fun - interacting with a live audience.  Sorry if I missed a few comments here and there!

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