Friday, 14 November 2008

Book created by Janet

This is a "book" I've just created following Nik Peachey's video tutorial posted today on how to use an innovative new tool called Bookr created by " Bookr enables us to create nice interactive image books with text captions. It's my first attempt at becoming an "author" so I do apologise for the simplicity of my first publication! I had great fun experimenting with this. For a complete list of ways of exploiting this activity, please refer to:

Here's the Bookr video tutorial I looked at before I created my book.

I can imagine students would have a lot of fun creating their own mini books or short poems.


Anonymous said...

Just looked at your blog, everything looks good and works fine, well done you!

Janet said...

Thanks,dearest. I appreciate your comments and it gives me more confidence to carry on with my blog.

cloud 10 said...

Janet Congratulations! Keep posting and looking forward to seeing more soon. I want to know how you embedded Jane Austen in your sidebar and I love your choice of design. Well done xx

Janet said...

Many thanks Jane. I found "Quotation of the Day" from the list of "widgets/gadgets" which can be found under Layout and just pressed "Search" and then pressed "Add" on the side bar. Yesterday's happened to be a coincidence. I know you like Jane Austen!

I have been experimenting with my choice of design and I took it from the "Edit" layout section. It may change again!